Tweed Weather Update – 02 Sep 2022

Some good news…yesterday’s prediction of Saturdays weather system has moved further south and is now forecast to be centred around the Port Macquarie – Taree area. In the Tweed area, the rainfall prediction is for 10-30mm tomorrow (Saturday), with possible isolated pockets of double this, and the system will move quickly to the southeast into Sunday.

The soil moisture level in our area is now average to above average, with an estimate of an initial loss of 40mm (rainfall that will be absorbed into the ground). Therefore, all or most of the predicted rainfall will soak in and not ‘run-off’.
No floodwatch or flood warnings are expected for the Tweed River system.

More Forecast Weather From Thursday (24 March)

The BOM is forecasting a front that will bring a cool change and the return of showers and storms from Wednesday, persisting until the end of the weekend.
Embedded in this front is the possibility of severe thunderstorms which may have some high rainfall totals in parts of the Northern Rivers bringing a risk of renewed river and creek rises. There is the potential for flash flooding if we get hit by one of these isolated thunderstorms and rainfall triggering further landslips. If we get more landslips particularly along Kyogle Road, this will likely isolate communities yet again. As you can see in the graphic below our catchments are already saturated.
Be prepared…stock up on food, water, supplies, fuel and medications. Stay at home if at all possible – if you go into town you may be cut off from return if landslips eventuate.
We know this is a pretty nebulous forecast…but predicting where an intense localised thunderstorm will impact is difficult.
We’ll try and get further info out as we receive it.
Be alert; not alarmed.